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The Last Page

A reckless attempt to avoid a bad end; a determination to rewrite the story.

A reckless attempt to avoid a bad end; a determination to rewrite the story.

The calculating villainess and the icy romanceable option must work together to avoid their Bad Ends.

As the last scion of the former royal family, Lady Eirnín Brolcְháin knows that the value of her hand in marriage transcends mere alliances—it symbolizes the tenuous bridge between the old and the new. Yet Ein desires something that no royal prince could ever offer her; an panacea for the nightmares that haunt her every night and a cure for her mysterious illness. When her arranged betrothal to the third prince, Lochlann Mac Iomaire, crumbles and he discards her in favor of foreign commoner, Ein is--at first--relieved. But as her health deteriorates and the nightmares become more real, she can no longer see the royal physicians and is caught in a web of conspiracies as she seeks answers from witches and forbidden magic users.

Finnian Mac Iomaire, the fourth prince of the still unsteady and untested Mac Iomaire dynasty, grapples with the responsibilities that come with helping to establish a new royal family on a stolen throne. He has spent his life knowing that something about him is different, but he could never put the feelings into words. That is, until an accident at his grandmother's funeral brings back his memories of his previous life—a life where he enjoyed a video game that is eerily similar to the life he finds himself now living, a life where he was very happily a woman. Suddenly, he has not only answers, but too many questions.

In the video game, he meets a deadly end when Lady Ein carries out her sinister plot to exact her revenge on Prince Lochlann for spurning her. Finnian is determined to avoid that, carefully manipulating events around him to ensure that the game follows a path where he knows he will survive. Yet, the Ein in this reality is not the cruel, and calculating villainess Finnian has feared. When she approaches him with a marriage proposal, he has to reevaluate all of his carefully laid plans and guard his heart and his secrets.

A Sapphic Otome Isekai Romance Releasing Every Sunday and Wednesday on Ream

Cover: Dax Murray

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