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The Last Page

Can the villainess solve the mystery before the heroine sends her to the gallows?

Can the villainess solve the mystery before the heroine sends her to the gallows?

For Lady Eirnín Brolcháin, the echoes of a vanquished royal lineage cling to her every move. As the last scion of the once-revered family, the value of her hand in marriage transcends mere alliances—it symbolizes the tenuous bridge between the old and the new. Yet, Eirnín, known as Ein, harbors a quest far removed from the intrigues of the court. Haunted by mysterious fainting spells and nightmares, she delves into the enigma that shrouds her existence during the day and finds her escape in fiction at night. When her betrothal to the third prince crumbles in favor of a foreign commoner, Ein is thrust into a labyrinth of concealed truths and intricate conspiracies. Betrothal had come with the promise of access to the finest physicians to treat her illness, she now treads the unknown, seeking solace in the arts of witches.

Finnian Mac Iomaire, the youngest scion of the current ruler, grapples with a kingdom held by a shaky grasp on a stolen throne. Unperturbed by his father's unease, Finnian discovers an unexpected anchor in his past. A chance incident at his grandmother's funeral unlocks memories of a former life—a life entwined with a video game strangely mirroring the fantastical realm he now inhabits. His only cause for concern? Ein, or Lady Eirnín Brolcháin. In the virtual game, she was a character of ice, cruelty, and conspiracies against Ciara, the game's heroine. Yet, reality unveils a different narrative, as Ein extends an unexpected warmth towards him. So warm, in fact, that she proposes the unimaginable: marriage. But for Finnian, love is a forbidden territory. He was not a man in his past life, and that revelation had finally given him the courage to admit, if only to himself, that he wishes he were not one in this life either.

Will Eirnín decipher the origins of her afflictions, and can Finnian reconcile the echoes of his past with the complexities of his heart?

An Otome Isekai Romance Releasing Every Sunday and Wednesday on Ream

Cover: Dax Murray

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