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The Last Page

The Last Page

Can the icy love interest & the calculating villainess work together in a reckless attempt to avoid a Bad End?

Can the icy love interest & the calculating villainess work together in a reckless attempt to avoid a Bad End?

The dissolution of Lady Ein's engagement to Prince Lochlann in favor of a foreign commoner threatens to plunge the kingdom back into civil war—but Ein is more concerned about losing her access to the kingdom's best medical practitioners; her mysterious illness is only getting worse, and time is running out.

Prince Finnian, the youngest—and grumpiest—member of the new royal family, has always known that something inside of him was different. It's not until a near-fatal accident unlocks hidden memories that he realizes what: he's been reincarnated into the world of an otome game as the tsundere Romanceable Option, and he's on route for a deadly Bad End.

Now he must work carefully to steer the story in a different direction and eliminate the game's villainess, Lady Ein—even if it means giving up on his desire to transition. But when she approaches him with an outrageous marriage proposal, he realizes that an unlikely alliance might be the only solution.

Can they work together to rewrite the last page of the story, or is fate dead set on giving them both Bad Ends?

You can read for free up to chapter 10 currently as a Follower on Ream with a new chapter every Friday. Paid Ream members can read all of season one (Chapter 1 - 41) and are getting two new chapters per week in Season 2 starting May 7th!

A Sapphic Otome Isekai Romance Releasing Every Tuesday and Friday on Ream

Cover: Dax Murray

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