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It is not enough to kill a king... Revolutions kill kingdoms

Caught in a web of deception and conspiracies, she must now she must fight for her own life in the coming political chaos.

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Coming May 30th, 2024

At the Crossroads of Tomorrow

Is the vision of calamity an omen of what will happen if she fails? Or a promise of what will come if she succeeds?

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Scions and Shadows Series

Smoke & Steel

Scions & Shadows #2

Xena: Warrior Princess x Anastatia.

Developmental Edit


Shackles & Secrets

Scions & Shadows #3

Death goddesses, rebels, and spoilers ;)



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The Last Page: Season One; Season Finale April 2024

A Sapphic Villainess Otome Isekai

The Last Page: Season Two; Premiering May 2024

A Sapphic Otome Isekai

Scorched Scars

A Scions and Shadows Novella

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