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At the Crossroads of Tomorrow

Is the Oracle's vision of calamity an omen of what will happen if she fails to claim her crown? Or a promise of what will come if she succeeds?

Early 2025

Mother Death Only Wants What Is Best for Her Children

The third novel in the SCIONS AND SHADOWS series, coming early 2025. Join my Ream to read WIP draft chapters, get the latest updates, early draft chapters, and more exclusive behind-the-scenes access as this book is being crafted! What to expect: 🌓 Death Magic, Shadow Magic, Lost Royalty, Revolutionaries, Mystical Trials, Sisters Who Are Stronger Together, Disaster Sapphics, Mistaken Identities, and more! 🌓

Scions & Shadows #3

Death goddesses, rebels, and spoilers ;)



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The Last Page: Season Two - Now Releasing

When the third prince ends their engagement, Lady Ein must take matters into her own hands if she is to survive. A Sapphic Villainess Otome Isekai releasing Tuesdays and Fridays

Crossroads of Fate - Now Releasing

Two magical researchers are assigned a simple mission; but instead of a easy task, they will find an impossible choice. A fantasy serial set in the SCIONS AND SHADOWS universe releasing every Thursday and Sunday.

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