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Stand Alone Prose and Poetry

A Lake of Feathers & Moonbeams

Indie Ink Award Finalist 2023: Non-Binary and Trans Representation

In a mystical forest bridging warring kingdoms, Katya and her partner Ivan, guardians of magic, face a looming threat. Deception and grudges entwine as a beautiful princess stumbles into their woods, stirring desire and fear in Katya's heart. As forces gather for rescue or war, Katya must confront her powers, torn between the safety of the familiar and the allure of a new beginning.

Will she retreat to the safety of what's familiar or give up everything she knows to spread her wings and fly?

The Magic Surrendered

Empress Eleanor, weary of conquest, seeks stability in her expansive realm. However, conquered lands yearn for freedom, sparking revolutions against the empire's grip. Amalthea, once a poor occupant, rises within the empire's ranks, granted access to the Academy of Mages. Defying norms, she experiments with forbidden magics, drawing the Empress's attention. Soon, Amalthea becomes the inaugural Imperial Scientist and an unofficial consort, entangled in a tale of power, rebellion, and the clash between desire and duty.

A short story about a brilliant mage and an insecure empress; of love and ethics, partnership and conflict.

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Birthing Orion

The goddesses Seya and Tia, embodiments of creation and destruction, weave galaxies with their divine magic. In their tempestuous relationship, the cosmic dance of life and death turns into a game of broken hearts when Seya accuses Tia of stealing her favorite star. Through sonnets and villanelles, the nuances of their love, fraught with tension, betrayal, trust, and forgiveness, unfold against the celestial canvas of stardust and cosmic detritus.

A beautiful love story in verse.

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The Last Page

The reclusive daughter of a former princess and the taciturn youngest prince have every reason to hate each other, and yet they must work together if either of them hope to have a happy ending.

An Otome Isekai Romance Releasing Every Sunday and Wednesday on Ream


IN AHNLISEN, OLD GODS PLOT REVENGE on those that displaced them, hidden cities hold ancient secrets, kings and priests vie for control of powerful relics, forgotten realms rise from ashes, spies and assassins of murky loyalties operate from the shadows, rebels and revolutionaries covertly arm themselves for discord, and oracles and scryers predict the rebirth of fallen immortals.

The world of SCIONS AND SHADOWS is one of magic and intrigue, spanning centuries of political conspiracies, divine machinations and conflicts of ethics, morality, and conscience. Swords and spells clash chaotically, forcing people to decide between what they want, and what is right.

SCIONS AND SHADOWS is a series of novels and novellas that share the same universe. There is an overarching plot, but each book can be read as a stand-alone and in any order. They are listed below in chronological order.

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Scions & Shadows Campfire

Shades & Silver

Indie Ink Award Finalist 2023: Disability Representation by a Disabled Author

Ástfríður, inheritors of metal mastery, shape their destinies with the earth's hidden treasures. Britt struggles to choose their path, haunted by a identity stolen by disability. As the day to decide arrives, uncertainty looms. Astrid, untouched by the metal's call, dons a forged circlet, navigating a world that seems to reject them. Behind the Veil of the Ástfríður, safe yet feeling like imposters, Britt and Astrid grapple with secrets and the echoes of a past that threatens to overshadow their true selves.

The Veil of the Ástfríður has kept them hidden from the world and safe from intruders. Yet Britt and Astrid feel they are imposters in their own homes.

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Stars & Soil

Nominated in the Queer Indie Awards 2023 for: Best Overall Fantasy, Best Epic Fantasy, Best Dark Fantasy, and Best Supporting Character

Caitlin's life takes a dark turn after a gruesome murder entwines her with fate and magic. Unintentionally caught an anti-monarchy riot, she joins revolutionaries aiming for justice beyond social divides. But unwanted attention from a spoiled prince then immerses her in a world of political intrigue and secretive religious orders. In this unexpected journey, Caitlin must navigate the maelstrom and confront the powers that shape the kingdom's destiny from the shadows.

Caught in a web of deception and conspiracies, she must now she must fight for her own life in the coming political chaos.

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Scorched Scars

When Kegan escaped the poachers that had hunted their clan and turned their village to ruins, they thought that they could find safety away from the verdant forests of their home and in the bustle of the capital city. But years later, it seems like the hunters have taken up the chase once again. Now a member of the rebellion forces, Kegan must go back to the woods they were born in, not to visit the graves of their family or to stalk the returning poachers, but to find a lost comrade and and determine what happened to the rebellion's missing spy. But time is not on Kegan's side as the poachers creep up on them from behind and the King's Sheild closes in on them from the front.

Will Kegan heal the long festering scars of their past or will their fears lead to the downfall of the entire revolutionary movement? SCORCHED SCARS is set during the events of STARS AND SOIL but can be read in any order.

Smoke & Steel

Saritrah's quest for the Suan throne pits her against her ruthless brother Ashur amidst a shattered monarchy. Facing betrayal and deceit from every side, Saritrah must brave the scorching desert to uncover a forgotten city, guided by enigmatic Seers with secrets and warnings of their own.

Is the vision of calamity an omen of what will happen if she fails? Or a promise of what will come if she succeeds?

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