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As an independent author myself, I know how expensive this business can be. I strive to create products and offer services that help other authors achieve their dream and simplify their life. Please check back often, I am always working on new things! If you need editing services, please visit my main editing website for more details. I write revolutionary fantasy, and I want to revolutionize your writing and publishing process, too.

Interior Formatting

$35.00 -45.00 USD

Affordable ebook and print formatting and design for print and digital, for all distributors, file types, and trim sizes. Standard package includes 1 licensed image for 500,000 prints, premium includes five plus formatting for complex items like maps or non-standard layouts. I use a combo of Indesign, Sigil, and Atticus to create a beautiful book for you. FREE updates for minor tweaks and revisions in the future, such as fixing typos or changing your backmatter!

Revision Journal

Pay What You Want - Even Free

Two Styles; Crystals and Starbursts! PDF. For authors & writers who need guidance and organization during revisions and self-edits. Scene-by-scene level pages, track character arcs, feedback from betas and editors, plan your week, and more! Includes PDF and link to canva template! Perfect for disc-bound planners and compatable with GoodNote and Penly. Checkout my blog post for more about this novel revision planner.

Revision Tracker

Pay What You Want - Even Free

Easily track the entire process of editing your book! At a glance, see what chapters still need work, where you are in the process of reviewing beta reader feedback, track how many hours you write per day and find your most productive days, get forecasts on projected deadline if you continue to proceed at your current rate. Easily add in your own pages, detailed instructions on how to customize it and still have all the formulas work the way they should without you needing to touch anything! The workbook has a great README that explains how it is set up and how you can modify it for your own use. You can also check out the blog post I wrote about it.

Crystal Writing Calendar 2024

Pay What You Want - Even Free

Easily print out this calendar to match your Crystal Revision Tracker! Use it to track your daily word count or block out dedicated writing days. Includes a link to a canva template so that you can customize it as you desire.

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