Dax Murray

Author and Editor

About Me

After realizing their dream of being a curmudgeonly hedgewitch in the woods of Western Pennsylvania was not possible due to the construction of a Dave & Busters, Dax took up a new form of sorcery, where they whispered to rocks in arcane languages and taught them how to spy on you, colloquially known as software engineering.

After an epic battle between the forces of Ethics and Student Loan Payments, Dax left that behind to join the magical order of word-placing. Today, they can be found waiting on the two gods (ie: cats) who have allowed them to live in their abode and use their word-magic to make others cry.

Dax studied political science and creative writing at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania and is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. When not writing, they can be found at the Crystarium in Norvrandt.

The Kraken Colelctive

Dax is a member of the The Kraken Collective. The Kraken Collective is an alliance of indie authors who have pooled resources to publish high-quality fiction while retaining complete creative control over our stories. The Collective aims to provide a wide variety of science fiction and fantasy stories, all starring LGBTQIAP+ characters. From alien-hunting lesbians to complex political fantasy, The Kraken Collective publishes queer SFF that will blow your mind away and leave you craving more.

Enchanted Editing

If you want help making your manuscript magical, Dax offers

  • beta reading,
  • sensitivity reading,
  • proofreading,
  • line editing,
  • developmental editing

Dax is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and specializes in fantasy and is especially interested in editing works that feature LGBTQ+ characters and themes. Dax only asks that your works do not contain an open endorsement of hatred (racism, sexism, transphobia, etc), nor advocate for the persecution of real-life minorities even if done through a fantasy lens. Dax will accept works with adult themes, sensitive and triggering topics, and erotica.

If you are from an under-represented minority and have difficulty affording editing, please say so and Dax will work with you. Please just let them know.

For more information, including rates, sample edits, and availability, please visit the Enchanted Editing site.

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